Holiday Greeting - A Celebration of Irish Culture on St. Patrick’s Day

March 12, 2020

St. Patrick’s Day is a day of unity. In the past, St. Patrick was celebrated by Irish Protestants and Irish Catholics. As it has been said, everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. See what you know about this celebration of Irish culture by taking our brief quiz.1

1. Who was St. Patrick?

a. The Irish monk who founded the monastery at Iona
b. A British teenager who was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders
c. Leader of the independence movement sparked by the potato famine
d. An Irish sailor who suffered from herpetophobia (fear of snakes)

2. What food is most frequently associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

a. Coddle
b. Potato bread
c. Corned beef and cabbage
d. Shepard’s pie

3. When and where was the first American St. Patrick’s Day parade held?

a. 1601 in St. Augustine, Florida
b. 1762 in New York, New York
c. 1823 in Boston, Massachusetts
d. 1887 in Billings, Montana 

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1. B – A British teenager who was kidnapped and enslaved by Irish raiders2
2. C – Corned beef and cabbage2
3. A – 1601 in St. Augustine, Florida3

2 (or go to
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